Online Scheduling

Online patient scheduling allows visitors to see your availability and request appointments on-demand from any location or device. Get more appointments with Practice Connect without spending a fortune on tertiary software.

Set up any patient appointment type, such as consultations, routine visits, post-operative checkups, and more. Easily customize the appointment duration for specific services. Create appointments for any patient, like potential prospects and new and existing patients.

Practice Connect helps you close the loop on all of your marketing efforts by connecting with potential patients wherever they’re finding you: your website, Google, social media, insurance, etc. With Practice Connect, your practice is open for scheduling anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

Integrating a scheduling software can save your practice hours of time and money that you are currently losing because of no-shows and cancellations. Since your patients are probably very comfortable using apps, online shopping services, and virtual communication already, getting them to use your scheduling software is not as challenging as you think it will be.

Most patients will search for you online before making their choice. As this will often be outside of office hours, patients will want to book during these times (either before you open or after you close). Offering the ability to book where and when patients are searching for you will significantly increase patient conversions.

You can save administrative staff 15 to 30 minutes per patient by automating patient communication, as it eliminates manual tasks. It’s also proven that automated patient reminders reduce no-shows by 22.95%.

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Most online scheduling platforms cost upwards of $350/mo. Ours is included at no additional charge.

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